Wednesday, September 06, 2006

can you can? : nope

I have some understanding of the basic principles and techniques of canning but have never gotten into it. I missed the elusive 22nd Sugar High Friday event in August titled “Can you can”, an event on canning jams and preserves. It looked like fun and would have been a good excuse to practice canning…oh well! The jams and preserves that 52 food bloggers made look absolutely wonderful. Check them out at Nicky and Oliver's beautiful blog Delicious Days.

Although I don’t can, I eat. Here are a couple of preserves I purchased at Fauchon while I was in New York. The first is Strawberry with Rose Petals and the second Corsican Clementine Sweet Orange. You can see by the picture that I have been eating my way steadily through the Clementine. At US $11 per jar, these preserves can sure add up. I ended up spending US $36 on preserves. Yes, I know it sounds silly, but they are sooo good. I should probably practice canning, ‘cause if I keep buying preserves and jams at this cost I will go broke. They were amazing on the soft buttery brioche that I devoured in two minutes after taking the photo. Yum.

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peabody said...

I missed it this time too. I just am not a big jam and jelly maker, though one day I hope to learn to make my grandma's pickles.

sam said...

Hi Peabody,

Thanks for visiting. Mmm pickles! I think you should learn that one day too!

Dianka said...

Mmmm, these are making my mouth water! I'm sure these are worth every penny! And with the brioche... perfect combo!

Ivonne said...

Enjoy, Sam!

I've added Fauchon to my list of places to visit when I eventually make it to New York!