Sunday, September 24, 2006

apple desserts

Last Sunday I went apple picking. These are the desserts that I made with my Spartan, McIntosh, Gala and Wealthy apples.

Apple, Ginger and Raisin Crumble

Apple Cranberry Cobbler

Apple Dumpling aka Mele In Crosta

The recipe for this can be found in the classic Italian cookbook,
The Silver Spoon.

Apple Galette

Apple Strudel with Walnuts and Raisins

Cardamom Apple Cake

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peabody said...

Oh you did not disappoint with all of your apple dishes. I have been waiting ever since you said you went apple picking.

Pepper said...

Just picked up a big bag of fresh apples and these are very inspiring ideas...

Hcreh said...

Hey Sam,
just wanna ask if you have the recipe for the thai dessert "RED RUBY"??

bea at La Tartine Gourmande said...

Such a nice display of goodies. I simply love to cook with apples!

Sil (Bs.As.) said... usual.... I looove your recipes. Thanks again

linda said...

That apple cardamom cake grabbed my eye...

gilly said...

Hi Sam! What a plethora of beautiful apple treats! I can't wait to get to the orchard and get picking!

Jasmine said...

How wonderful!

I love the fact that I can find apples that aren't the same-old, same-old.


Anonymous said...

hi sam!
Just discovered your blog and I love love love love LOVE it! - everything looks absolutely delicious, great recipes and your take the most beautiful pictures! Can’t wait for new posts! =)

Abby said...

Wow! You've been busy! I'd love to make that apple-cranberry dessert.

Brilynn said...

What a great spread pof apple desserts, I'm sure you've been making lots of people very happy.

sam said...

Peabody - I'm glad I didn't dissappoint. Thanks.

Pepper - I look forward to seeing what you produce. Apple desserts are just so yummy.

Hcreh - Unfortunately I haven't heard of the dessert "Red Ruby", I will have to do some investigations.

Bea - Thanks, me too!

Sil - Thanks Sil!

Linda - This apple cardamom cake is fantastic!

Gilly - I hope you have as much fun as I did. I think I might have to go again.

Jasmine - Me too!

Julia - Yay, I'm glad you found my blog too! Thanks for visting and for your sweet comments.

Abby - I have been busy, but as you can see it was worth it.

Brilynn - A number of people who tried these desserts seemed quite appreciative. Thanks for your lovely comments.