Sunday, July 02, 2006

summer ice cream round-up

Summer is here, and it is definitely hot!

The creativity and commitment of food bloggers never ceases to amaze me. For my summer ice cream event, food bloggers from across the world have shared some wonderful recipes.

Danielle from Habeas Brulee makes an intriguing Thai ice tea ice cream. Ice tea and ice cream are both great in the summer, and I can only imagine that they taste fabulous together. (USA)

Elena from Intrepid Gourmet makes a beautiful pink cherry blossom ice cream inspired by the cherry blossoms of Japan. (UK)

Kieran from Ice Cream Ireland pushes the limits of ingredients to make ice creams beyond what we generally imagine. Kieran came up with a fancy and sophisticated Dom Perignon sorbet. (IRE)

Lara from Cookbook 411 creates a lovely and elegant pear gelato with dark chocolate phyllo cookies. (USA)

Nabeela from Trial and Error makes a fresh mango sorbet to beat the heat. (USA)

Pepper of Frugal Cuisine experiments with matcha (green tea powder) to create some intriguing products like coconut matcha ice cream. (CAN)

Francesca of Fiordizucca creates a stunning butternut squash ice cream. (UK)

Riana of Garlic Breath (don't let the name fool you, because there is much more than garlic on her blog) makes a beautiful and lively lemon gelato. (FR)

Jasmine from Confessions of a Cardamom Addict makes strawberry ice cream, a perennial favourite for many, me included . (CAN)

Melissa of Hecticium creates a number of goodies: pistachio ice cream, prune frozen yoghurt and pistachio stuffed dates. (UK)

Tea of Tea and Cookies makes a creative Singapore ice cream, which contains chili flakes, black peppercorn, candied ginger and pistachios. (USA)

Bridget of Pint Sized Cookery offers a simple, satisfying and lovely three berry custard. (USA)

Cindy of Sourcream Timbits shows us that you can make a lovely sorbet without an ice cream maker! Check out her mango sorbet. (CAN)

Bonnie of Daydream Delicious confesses that she doesn't like frozen desserts; so, she shares a lemon posset, which looks like a lovely summer dessert! (UK)

Marilyn from Cauponilla seems to have a love of chocolate; she offers a classic chocolate gelato. (USA)

Mickey of Kitchen Inferno uses Chambord liqueur to make an intriguing Chambord ice cream. (USA)

Emily from Appetitive Behavior offers up a yummy looking frozen gianduia mousse. (USA)

Alanna of A Veggie Venture makes buttered pecan ice cream (with pecan meringue cookies) – looks wonderful. (USA)

Ramya of Cascading Flavors creates an unusual red finger millet (ragi) ice cream, which sounds healthy and still delicious. (USA)

Vanessa from Tongue and Cheek turns a favourite summertime drink into a sorbet. Check out her mojito sorbet. (CAN)

Faith of Mekuno Cooking offers an orange and honey caramel ice cream – fantastic job, Faith! (USA)

Ulrike of Küchenlatein makes a beautiful and ethereal elderflower sorbet. (GER)

Meeta from What's for lunch, honey? creates a cool and refreshing lemon sorbet with Limoncello. (GER)

Julie from Cookbook Addict offers up an all American favorite – Ben's chocolate ice cream from Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream. (FR)

Stefanie from Couteau Bonswan provides a topping for all our ice cream, Grandma Noble's chocolate syrup. (USA)

Ivonne of Cream Puffs in Venice creates a strawberry ice cream with a lovely twist: strawberry crème fraîche ice cream with coconut, vanilla sugar and lemon zest. It looks divine! (CAN)

Chopper Dave & Mrs D from Belly Timber make a wicked and stunning vodka watermelon sorbet. (USA)

Jason from Pursuing My Passions creates an intriuguing edamame ice cream. I have edamame in my freezer and want to use it to try this one. (USA)

Megan of Chez Megane makes an irresistible ice cream sandwich with her chocolate brownie cookies and chocolate chip mint ice cream – need I say more! (FR)

Your host, Sam of Sweet Pleasure : Plaisir Sucré, offers a simple and satisfying chestnut ice cream. (CAN)

Anita from Dessert First shares two mouthwatering recipes: white peach sorbet and roasted cinnamon ice cream. (USA)

Last, but not least, Keiko from Nordljus creates a lovely and unusual gooseberry and elderflower ice cream. (UK)

A big thank you to everyone who participated! I had a great time reading all your wonderful posts. This might become an annual event!

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Ulrike aka ostwestwind said...

Great round-up and so many ideas for ice creams. I am tempted to buy an ice cream maker ;-). Thanks for the idea of an summer ice cream event.

Meeta said...

Fantastic round-up Sam! I'm so glad that I finally ordered that ice cream maker I have had my eye on. Now I can go through all the recipes here!

Anonymous said...
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Bonnie said...
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Bonnie said...

What brilliant photos has everyone taken! Simply brilliant.

Jasmine said...

What a great round-up for a fantastic event.

Thanks so much for organizing it m'dear.


Vanessa said...

fantastic round up. great to see so many varied bloggers participating. definitely tempted to take it to the next level and get myself an ice cream maker.

Canadian Baker said...

What a great round up Sam! Now I'm even more inspired to purchase an ice cream maker to participate next year! Hope you're having a nice time in Vancouver. :)

Ivonne said...

No, Sam ... thanks to you for thinking of and organizing this event. It was tremendous fun and I got to buy a new ice cream maker (all your fault by the way)!

Hope you'll have second ice cream event!

julie said...

Thanks for this great round-up, what lovely ideas for the summer!

Nabeela said...

what an amazing round if only i had an ice cream maker...:(
P.S: I just wanted to point out you spelled my name wrong...its Nabeela not Neebla :)

sam said...

Hi All,

I just wanted to once again thank everyone for participating. The recipes sounded wonderful and the pictures were beautiful. I hope that everyone has a fantatsic summer. Cheers!

jenjen said...

why must you do this to us!!? I am trying very hard not to drool over the keyboard, what a great event!

Catesa said...

i think i love you

Elizabeth said...

Sam - I really like the way you presented the round-up of these mouth-watering treats! Three pictures, three descriptions repeated is, fogive the pun, very palatable! I'd love to know how you formatted the pics this way.
Really enjoyed this post!

Jennifer said...

Wow. Very thorough. Thanks for the tips and ideas.

Anonymous said...

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