Friday, July 21, 2006

c restaurant

Last week, I had the pleasure of visiting and spending sometime in the kitchen with my friend and colleague Merri Schwartz. Merri is the pastry chef at C restaurant in Vancouver. The food at C features some of the finest local seafood and produce that Vancouver has to offer. It has a wonderful reputation and is consistently rated one of the top restaurants in Vancouver for contemporary fine dining. Over the last three years at C, Merri has been making and creating fantastic sweets in the pastry kitchen. Everything in the pastry kitchen is made in-house from freshly baked artisan breads and crackers, to ice creams and sorbets and most importantly plated desserts. Shown below, are six new desserts currently on the menu at C. If you have the opportunity to dine at C, I definitely recommend it. Don’t forget to save room for dessert.

My favourites on Merri’s new menu are creamy and seasonal. Creamy is a crème brûlée with a small pool of raspberry and rose puree hidden inside; it is served with raspberries, Turkish delight, pink peppercorn shortbread and a rose caramel. Seasonal is rhubarb and almond tart plated with rhubarb jelly, crushed almonds, milk and honey ice cream with a leaf of caramelized fireweed honey.

Creamy: crème brûlée, raspberry and rose
Balance: warm and cold cherry, gingerbread, chocolate

Sharp: fromage frais cheesecake, blackcurrant, pecan
Chocolate: single estate chocolate pate, apricot, cocoa

Chilled: milk chocolate and peanut butter ice cream cake, banana
Seasonal: rhubarb and almond tart, fireweed honey

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Mochene said...

Very nice desserts and platings. Would be interested in knowing all of the elements on the plate, not just the main components.