Monday, May 15, 2006

a dessert montage

Last Saturday, my lovely partner Michael and I had a dessert party. Michael has been relatively silent on my blog but is extremely important for he is often reading, editing and sampling new dessert recipes and ideas. It’s a tough job but someone’s got to do it.

Michael recently completed his master’s degree; so it seemed like a wonderful opportunity to invite some people over from his degree program to celebrate. With the plans in place, I set to work developing a list of the desserts that I wanted to prepare. I initially intended the dessert sampling to be interesting, simple and as little stress as possible. It didn’t quite turn out as simple as I had intended. The dessert list constantly changed and expanded. In the end, I made approximately twenty different desserts for a party of twenty guests, who had no prior knowledge of what was in store for them. Here is the menu:

Apple Crumble
Blackberry Hazelnut Financiers
Blueberry Tarts
Candied Nuts
Caramel Hazelnut Chocolate Bar
Cheese Plate with Fruit
Chocolate Dipped Strawberries
Chocolate Mousse (Lactose Free)
Cream Puffs with Chocolate and Coffee Cream
Cream Puffs with Hard Caramel and Vanilla Cream
Earl Grey Tea Ice Cream
French Macaroons
Grapefruit Granita
Lemon Blueberry Madeleines
Lemon Tarts
Orange Shortbread
Pineapple with Basil Cream
Strawberry Juice
Vanilla Crème Brûlèe

The desserts took about three days to prepare. On the last day, we had the help of Carly, Chizuru and Emily, three friends of ours. They helped to make a cheese plate, dip strawberries into chocolate, pipe cream into the cream puffs, and sprinkle gold dust on numerous goodies and much more. Thank you Carly, Emily and Chizuru!

We set a table with 12 of the desserts, while the other goodies were brought out every ten minutes or so. Because all the desserts were “mini” in size, most of our guests, who were certainly adventurous, brave and sugar-resistant, tried almost all. The evening was fun, relaxed and casual, with a group of happy graduates enjoying dessert and each other’s company. We thank everyone for coming, as Michael and I had a wonderful time.

Here is a slide show of the evening’s desserts. Hope you enjoy; we certainly did!

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Ivonne said...


I fell out of my chair when I saw those desserts. After I picked myself up and stopped weeping because I didn't have the chance to try them, I composed myself enough to write this comment.

You're brilliant, Sam. You're definitely a dessert master and you inspire us all!

linda said...

They all look so gorgeous! And my god, the time it took to make them all!

And congratulations to Michael for completing his master's degree.

Shelly said...

Wow... what an amazing night for our tastebuds, eyes and tummies! I wish I could describe it better, but words are not enough. The slideshow was a wonderful way of experiencing it all over again. Thanks so much, Sam. It was great to celebrate with Michael and the others.

Chizuru said...

Ah, they were so sweet and beautiful... Thank you so much Sam and Michael for hosting such a wonderful party... You guys are just GREAT! Sam, I still want to become your apprentice!

Tania said...

Sam, once again, you have made my jaw drop!! These desserts look and sound fantastic. Well done!

And my sincere congratulations to Michael on his tremendous accomplishment. What a sweet and wonderful way to celebrate!

Anita said...

Wow Sam,
That looks amazing! I wish I could have been there! Everything looks so perfect and delicious.

Great job!

Sam said...

oh you tease. stop teasing me.

sam said...

Hi Ivonne,

We Toronto food bloggers should get together sometime. Thanks for your comment and your continual support Ivonne.

Hi Linda,

Thanks Linda. I love your blog.

Hi Shelly,

Thanks for coming and I'm glad you enjoyed the slide show. I hope that everyone had a good time.

Hi Chizuru,

Thanks for all the great help Chizuru. You can be my apprentice anytime.

Hi Tania,

Thanks for your lovely comments. I think I should have you and Ivonne over sometime.

Hi Anita,

Thanks Anita. Coming from a dessert expert such as yourself, thats a sweet compliment.

Hi Sam,

Hmm I'm not sure that last time I was called a tease. lol. If you were in TO Sam, I would have definitely invited you. I love your enthusiasm for food.

Raspberry Sour said...

Having trouble typing due to drool... It all looks utterly beyond amazing. Words fail me, apart from mmmmmm, yummmmm, oh my god, and, of course, more drool.

Dianka said...

Wow! I am so impressed! No easy task, indeed, but looks like you mastered it perfectly. The desserts look fantastic.


Kristina said...


The slideshow was divine! Your pastries and desserts are really a feast for the eyes as well as for the mouth (I'm sure). It makes me happy to see someone who is passionate about desserts...
Keep up the inspiring photos and recipes!

sam said...

Hi Raspberry,

Thanks for your mmm yum and drool.

Hi Dianka,


Hi Kristina,

Thanks, for your lovely comments. I will definitely keep posting recipes and desserts.

bea at La tartine gourmande said...

oh my god!!! This is Heaven! SO much work and a beautiful party! How long did it take you to prepare so many goodies??? Beautiful!

Alana said...

What a dizzying array of goodies! I can't imagine the work required - congrats to your partner on the master's, and you on these beautiful creations!

T said...

Oh my goodness, it all sounds so scrumptious! I've been to a dessert party before, and while it was good, it was definetely not as gourmet as yours! I am planning on making financiers for another party- did you use individual molds for yours or did you make a pan and then cut them into mini serving sizes?

sam said...

Hi Bea,

It took me two evenings and one day to make these desserts. I did pick recipes which were relatively simple to prepare. Thanks for your comments.

Hi Alana,

Thanks for visting and your lovely comments. I'm sorry you got dizzy!

Hi Tanvi,

Thanks for visting. I used silicon rubber mini cake molds, they are incredibly useful. Good luck with your financiers.

Bron said...

Oh my! They all look so perfect Sam! So pretty, so adorable and so very very delicious!
Can I come to your next event... please, pretty please?

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