Monday, August 28, 2006

asian sweets

Vancouver for me is undoubtedly is one of the best places in North America for Asian cuisine. This summer I went to many of my favourite restaurants and cafes. What I often find absent in Asian cuisine is desserts. The Asian sweets that I found this summer in Vancouver were primarily from the Chinatown and the Richmond night markets, which are open during the summer months in Vancouver and Richmond, BC. These night markets are wonderful for fantastic and authentic Asian street food; knock off wallets and bags and cute gadgets and stationary that nobody really needs. Here are some of the desserts that I sampled:

watermelon bubble tea with large tapioca pearls - refreshing and naturally sweet, fantastic, except for the bubble/tapioca phobic

shaved strawberry ice with strawberry, mango and coconut jelly - flavourful and suprisingly delicious

bubble waffle - light, airy waffles with a touch of sweetness

red bean with shaved ice and coconut milk - simple and refreshing without being too sweet

passion fruit ice with kiwi and coloured sprinkles - the artifical passionfruit and the cloying sweetness turned me off

waffle like fish with red bean paste - light, crisp and packed with redbean goodness

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Dianka said...

Wow, what fun and yummy Asian treats! Looks like you've enjoyed summer =)

Anita said...

Oh, bubble waffle (they're called "little eggs" in Chinese because they look like that) and red bean tea are some of my favorites! If you ever see dessert soups, try sesame or almond - I love those!

sam said...

Hi Dianka,

Some of the desserts were yummier than others, but they all were fun. I definitely enjoyed my summer. I hope you had a wonderful summer as well.

Hi Anita,

Red bean tea, what's that? I also love the desserts soups, red bean, sesame, almond and ginger with sweet potato - yum. I think I need to make some of those soon. Thanks. I hope you had a great summer Anita.