Thursday, June 01, 2006

summer ice cream event!

Summer is coming up, and it's going to be hot! To battle the heat I plan to host a one-off ice cream event on July 1st. To join in, make an ice cream, gelato, sorbet, sherbet or another frozen dessert. Then, blog about it and send me the link by Saturday, July 1st . I will do the round-up that weekend. You can include photographs, recipes or stories; the choice is yours. You can make a beloved family recipe, share your favourite recipe, or experiment with wild and creative flavours. Start churning that ice cream maker!

If you are interested in participating, email me the following information once you have posted your entry:

- The name of your recipe
- The permalink URL of your ice cream entry
- Your name
- Your blog’s name
- Your blog’s front page URL

Email me your entry details at

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Sam said...

Here is a list of the ice cream flavours posted in the picture: blood orange sorbet, dark chocolate sorbet, Earl grey vanilla ice cream, ginger ice cream, gingersnap ice cream, green tea kiwi ice cream, Meyer lemon sherbet, lemon, lime and peppermint sorbet, peppermint buttermilk ice cream, pistachio gelato, raspberry sorbet, strawberry ice cream, strawberry redwine sorbet, tonka ice cream.

Anonymous said...

I had just the right post half written already, so, well, how's about some Thai iced tea ice cream?

(I emailed you, too.)

Sam said...


Thai ice tea iceam sounds wonderful! Thanks for participating.

Cate said...

Perfect way to kick off summer. I added the details to Sticky Date. If you send me the roundup link when it's up, I'll post that on the sidebar.

Sam said...

Hi Cate,

Thanks for visting and for putting the event on Sticky Date, that was very kind.

julie said...

Hi Sam,
I'm a first-timer who thinks that's a great idea!

I've just submitted my contribution!

Anonymous said...

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