Wednesday, April 05, 2006

canadian blogging by post

Canadian Blogging By Post #1

Welcome to sweet pleasure : plaisir sucré. I’m Sam and I have the pleasure of hosting the first Canadian Blogging By Post (CBBP) event. Ivonne of Cream Puffs in Venice and Tania of The Candied Quince will be hosting future CBBP events.

Open to food bloggers who reside in Canada, Canadian Blogging By Post is an exchange of care packages.

Four easy steps:

1. Make a recipe: it could be your favourite, something passed down, or something you have created.
2. Post it on your site.
3. Send me your information (see below for details).
4. Make a care package, and send it off once you have received an address.

The plan is to put together a package that includes:

The recipe you have posted with one or more of the following:
a. Ingredients (e.g. that are for your recipe; that are interesting specialty items; or, that are local products).
b. An accompaniment that you might pair with the recipe (e.g. a drink, a sweet confection, a photograph, or a text).
c. Something homemade (e.g. a card, a handmade craft, a drawing or a sketch).
d. Anything else that you would like to include.

It is really up to you to interpret and decide what to put in. You are welcome to be creative. Just make sure it’s safe and sound for a care package.

Given that my site is dedicated to all things sweet, I have chosen "chocolate" as our theme, but please do not feel that you need to restrict yourself to the sweet kitchen.

The deadline for submitting your entry is May 5th. I will do the match up that weekend and send you a postal address. On May 7th you mail off your package and wait with eager longing for your parcel to arrive from a mystery sender!

*Things to note:

Use your judgement before including anything fresh – beware of spoilage!
You don’t need to send tons! 3-4 items are fine. Remember, if someone isn’t home, they have to collect it at the post office.
Please try and post on the Monday so that the package is delivered that week rather than sitting at the post office over the weekend.

Include the following information in your email to me:

θ The name of your recipe
θ The permalink URL of your Canadian Blogging By Post entry
θ Your name
θ Your blog’s name
θ Your blog’s front page URL
θ Your postal address
θ Any allergies or dislikes that you have

I will post your initial recipe entry as a round up; so, email me your entry details at

Once you have received the package, you are welcome to leave a comment in the round up for the lovely person who sent it to you. If you post the contents of the package on your blog, remember to leave a message and a link in the CBBP round-up comment section. This is because we are all curious!


Ivonne said...

I am so excited about this, Sam! Count me in!!!

Alanna said...

OK so I'm half Canadian and so you might? eh? let me participate? But, hmm, perhaps food's a postal issue?

Oh well. Maybe there'll be one while I'm home this summer and can cross the border to Rainy River to put something in the post ...


strawberry said...

This is awesome~
I've been waiting for this.
I have a question tho,
the main recipe must have a chocolate element in it, is that right? It can be anything from main dish to itsy bitsy cookies, right?


Tania said...

I've posted about this on my site, Sam. Of course, count me in!

sam said...

Hi Ivonne,

I'm excited too!

Hi Alanna,

I believe food is often a postal issue. We would love you to particpate if you are in Canada during the summer. Ivonne or Tania will probably hosting the next CBBP but the date has not been set. Thanks for your interest!

Hi Strawberry,

The main recipe should include a chocolate element. It could be anything from a main dish to itsy bitsy cookies. You are precisely correct!

Hi Tania,

That is fantastic! Thanks for the post on your site, the comment that you made about my blog made me *blush*. I can't wait to see what everybody comes up with!

barbie2be said...

not fair! not fair!!!! first the europeans and now the canadians? why are the americans always the last to get involved???

Andrew said...

good luck with this and have fun! its been great here in Euroland and who would have known there were enough Canadian bloggers to make it work for you. superb.

lindy said...

Actually, Barbie, there have been 4 Blogging by Mail events started in the US-but of late they have been open world-wide, rather than limited to the US. I participated in the last 2, and was lucky enough to get a beautiful parcel from Italy, and a gorgeous one from the Phillipines.
As far as I know, there is no BBM#5 scheduled yet, as #4 is winding down still.

sam said...

Hi Barbie,

If you want to be involved, sometimes you need to take initative and orangize the event... that's what we've done. Thanks for visiting and your interest.

Hi Andrew,

Thanks for your lovely comment, visting and all your wonderful suggestions and help!

Hi Lindy,

Thanks for visiting and the wonderful info regarding BBM. It must have been nice to get something from Italy and the Phillipines, how lucky!

Raspberry Sour said...

I'm in. Great idea- May can't get here soon enough now.

rob said...

Count this Canadian in, please.

May I just add: great idea and great blog.

Canadian Baker said...

Hi Sam - Count me in!


sam said...

Hi Raspberry Sour,

I can't wait till May either! I'm glad you are taking part.

Hi Rob,

Fantastic! Thanks for the comment. I am a fan of your blog as well. I appreciate your enthusiasm, research and your attention to detail.

Hi Jen,

I'm happy to hear you will be joining in on the fun. I look forward to seeing all the wonderful recipes, goodies and ideas that everyone has in store. Canadian food bloggers unite!

Jasmine said...

Hi Sam

Tania told me about this during our bloggy brunch last week--count me in :)


KnifeSkills said...

Wow, this sounds like fun! Count me in. :)


sam said...

Hi Jasmine,

I'm glad you will be taking part. Take care!

Hi Christine,

Fantastic, I'm glad that you and a couple of others are representing the west coast!

Lex Culinaria said...

Hi Same. Good on you for getting this going. I've always felt lift out of EBBP

Lex Culinaria said...

Man I'm a bad typist.

I forgot to add: count me in!

sam said...

Hi Lex,

Glad your in. We all have our bad typo days. Cheers!

Kristina said...

This event sounds fantastic--I will be participating as soon as I come up with a recipe! By the way, I love your blog and your photos, and I'll be linking your site to mine--hope this is ok!

sam said...

Hi Kristina,

Glad to have you aboard Kristina. Thanks for your wonderful comments!

kelli ann said...

bonjour sam! i'd love to participate, although my blog is not strictly a food blog...

apparently the postal restrictions on sending food were lifted, as they were-- ineffective? silly? go figure.

will be sending you my information! cheers,

sam said...

Hi Kelli Ann,

We would love for you to participate.

Louise said...

ahhh.... i've come to late to participate so please do another one soon. it sounds like great fun.

Lex Culinaria said...

bugger. missed sending you the recipe link. I guess I'll have to catch the next one.

PrincessSteph said...

so envious that I missed it! Can't wait for the next one. Count me in,

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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